Workers Compensation

What is workers’ compensation?

workers compensationThis is the term used for the compensation that a worker is compensated when he /she suffers an injury or illness that is job-related. Every state in the United States has their own legal rules and program for their workers’ compensation and in order to stay up to date with this information, it’s best to contact your state’s office for workers’ compensation.

In California, an employee is entitled to get the compensation benefits if he/she suffers from an illness or injury regardless who is at fault- if it was the employee, employer, coworker, customer or a third party. In exchange for claiming the workers’ compensation, the employee cannot sue the employer in court for damages.

Workers’ compensation does not just cover injuries suffered on-the-job but any injury or illness suffered that is job-related. For example, if you suffered an injury while going on a business trip, then you are still entitled for the workers’ compensation.

But not all types of injuries and illnesses are being covered. In San Francisco, they can deny your claim for workers’ compensation if your illness or injury is self-inflicted, if you started a fight or altercation then had the injury, if you are not on the job, if the injury or illness occurred as you are involved in a crime, or if you suffered the illness or injury while violating the policy of your company.

What are the work comp benefits I can receive in California?

You can receive replacement income, medical expenses, vocational benefits, rehabilitation benefits. Very often, the benefits that you can get from the workers’ compensation system in California are quite modest.

If you can’t continue working temporarily, you can get two-thirds of your wage up to a predetermined ceiling. If permanently, you can get a long-term benefits or a lump-sum package. This depends on the extent of the injury or illness you got.

Can I get my own doctor or the employer will choose for me?

You can get any doctor of your choice as this is allowed by California’s workers’ compensation system. You can choose a doctor of chiropractic if you suffer from a musculo-skeletal disorder or a soft-tissue injury.  With chiropractic care, the time lost from work and the cost of the treatment would be reduced significantly.

What are the benefits of a chiropractic care for work-related injuries?

When a worker is injured or became ill, a lot of people suffer. The employee suffers in loss of earnings, the employer suffers too by losing manpower and a decrease in production, the insurance company suffers too by the health care costs and benefits they need to pay for the employee.

With chiropractic care, pain is relieved quicker and the suffering is also eased easily and quickly. This means that the employee can get back to work sooner than without chiropractic care. This will reduce the losses both for the employer and employee.

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