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5 responses to “Car Accident Injury and Contributory Factors”

  1. Belmont Chiropractor Helps Car Accident Victims Heal Faster | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] usually happens on car crash survivors and around their neck which always bore the brunt of the car collision’s impact. Other injuries stemming from car crash are traumas on the leg upon hitting the car’s dashboard, […]

  2. San Mateo Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] Car accidents occur every day and injuries from these accidents can be minor or can even lead to death.  Some don’t realize that they have an injury because the car accident that they experienced is just a simple rear-end collision. A simple car collision may appear harmless especially if there’s no bump on the car but this actually means that the impact was not absorbed by the car but was absorbed by the people sitting inside the car. That’s when the patient would eventually feel pain on the neck and back. This is what’s called as whiplash and it’s one of the most common problems that San Mateo chiropractic clinics can treat. […]

  3. Car Accident and Three Tips on What Not To Do | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] and Three Tips on What Not To DoTweetby drburt on February 1, 2011 // If you have been in a car accident it is most definitely from my professional experience that sooner or later you will feel the affect […]

  4. Rear End Collision and Red Light Cameras In Castro Valley, California

    […] are designed to stop aggressive driving behavior, and might actually possibly prevent more serious car accident injuries. One of the major San Francisco Personal Injury Attorneys informed that red light cameras might be […]

  5. Castro Valley Car Accident Injury and Chiropractic Rehabilitation

    […] people in Castro Valley, California have suffered serious injuries stemming from a car accident. Most of them had a hard time dealing with the pain and the expensive treatment and rehabilitation […]

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