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19 responses to “Whiplash and Future Serious Neck Problems”

  1. Richmond Chiropractic and Effectiveness of Care | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] whiplash or neck pain is also a common condition suffered by people stressed from work or any other activity […]

  2. Fremont Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Restoration Treatment | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] City in California, there are a lot of Chiropractic clinics that treat various forms of injury like whiplash injury and soft tissue related injuries. Fremont chiropractic professionals helps individuals with these […]

  3. whiplash injury 

    The injury can be sustained in many other ways however, and has been known to have resulted from slips and falls or have been sustained during participation in contact sport. In general, whiplash is usually associated with circumstances where a collision has caused rapid acceleration or deceleration.

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      Good points @whiplash injury. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Menlo Park Chiropractor Care after My Car Collision | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] process of x-rays and body movement test, my chiropractor diagnosed my condition as a case of a “whiplash Injury” caused by the sudden jerking of backward and forward movement I have experienced during the car […]

  5. Consult a San Carlos Chiropractor After a Car Accident | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] Dizziness is also a serious symptoms or after effect of figuring in a high speed car crash. The whiplash sensation and injury that follows it will produce numerous bouts of dizziness that will affect […]

  6. Whiplash Injuries and Chiropractic Care Rehabilitation | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] Whiplash is a soft tissue injury of the cervical spine (neck) which is caused by a violent forward and backwards movement of the head during car accident – mostly rear end collision. Regardless of the mechanism of the injury, weather it is car accident, sport injury or work related injury, injured patient needs a proper chiropractic examination and treatment. Neck pain and stiffness, blurred vision, irritability, headaches, fatigue, shoulder blades pain, dizziness, nausea are the symptoms that are associated with Whiplash injury. Chiropractic rehabilitation is best choice for soft tissue injuries during whiplash. Combination of the physical therapy modalities such as (ultrasound, cold laser, electrical stimulation), deep tissue massage from a certified massage therapist and full spine chiropractic adjustment are the necessary components for bringing the patient to pre injury status. The goal of Chiropractic rehabilitation is to improve muscle strength, reduce muscle spasm, increase range of motion, and correct vertebral subluxation complex. […]

  7. Injured In A Car Accident? Do I Have a Claim? | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] car accident could have been caused by the use of a cell phone, and or distraction of some sort. Whiplash injuries are the most common of injuries in rear-end […]

  8. Whiplash Victims Turn to Foster City Chiropractor | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] with a Foster City Chiropractor compared with surgical doctors when seeking treatment for whiplash and other soft tissue injuries suffered after surviving a car accident. Traditional medical doctors […]

  9. Los Altos Chiropractor and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] to chiropractic treatments as I’ve tried it before when I had a minor accident and suffered from whiplash. True enough, after the first treatment I already noticed incredible results. The next morning, I […]

  10. Rear End Collision and Red Light Camera In San Francisco Bay | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] and issued almost 3000 fines. The revenue for the city is a good thing, however, car accidents with rear end collisions have increased as […]

  11. Foster City Chiropractic Care for Car Crash and Other Injuries | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] dislocation. Most of these patients are survivors of car crash who suffered injuries through the whiplash effect of a collision with another high speed […]

  12. Whiplash Car Accident is Proven By Scientific Methods | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] medical care professionals agree of the whiplash injury after the car accident collision. Medical Emergency Room Docs, family physicians, and Chiropractic […]

  13. Pain and Disability from Whiplash Injury | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] and Disability from Whiplash InjuryTweetby drburt on February 15, 2011 // Injuries after whiplash usually are not considered serious or threatening to an individual who was involved in a car […]

  14. Car Accident Injury Factors | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] the driver embraced for the impact? Embracing in anticipation of a rear end collision helps to protect soft tissue from more severe injuries. Contracted shoulder and neck muscles […]

  15. Tailgating Car Accidents Costs Lives in Bay Area California | Bay Area Injury Centers

    […] accidents happening in the USA alone because of the tailgating – causing rear end collisions and whiplash injuries. That is why it is illegal to tailgate in aState of California and many other States […]

  16. Whiplash Compensation claim

    Accidents can happen anywhere and you cannot exactly predict when you get involved in a road accident. You could be a safe driver, but not everyone on the road drives safely. There are some individuals who drive recklessly and cause accidents to other people on the road. Due to a combination of unfortunate events, you could be the one at the receiving finish of such accidents. Of late, there’s been loads of such incidents where cautious drivers have met with accidents due to the reckless driving of anyone else. Due to that single mistake, you could finish up getting an injury.

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  18. chiropractors perth

    Well, according to me, for getting relive from the serious neck pain Chiropractic curing method is truly one of the most promising way. Because of this one is one of the most safe way to get relieve from these type of chronic pain. And it’s also boost our nervous system. Which means the full of life. Thanks for sharing some of most informative information about it.

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